Sunrise 700 ECO Tender – solar/electric boat

Sunrise 700 ECO Tender – 100% electric boat with solar roof – stationary electric motor + batteries and charger.

The perfect boat for waters, where there is a quiet zone, where you cannot swim on internal combustion engines !!!

The cost of maintaining a boat with an electric motor is many times cheaper compared to a boat with an internal combustion engine, and in the case of a boat equipped with photovoltaic panels with sufficient power, the operating costs are almost none !!!
We present the Sunrise 700 ECO Tender boat – with a rigid canopy in which modern, high-power 1800 W photovoltaic panels are integrated.
Our company has been working for several years to offer an electric boat with satisfactory parameters and an affordable price.

Technical data


7,00 m


2,35 m


700 kg






0,45 m

Here is the result of our work:

Sunrise 700 ECO Tender – 3 x ZERO:
1 – ZERO emissions
2 – ZERO noise
3 – ZERO fuel costs

When choosing the hull, we were guided by the nautical values so that you could comfortably sail with a relatively low engine power.
An important aspect is the comfort and safety of passengers – these are advantages
monohull boat adapted to the low power engine:

  • a spacious, comfortable deck with high sides, where the youngest crew members will be safe,
  • possibility to transform the bow into a large sun deck,
  • small draft and relatively small width allow you to swim in the shallows, and also allows you to swim to a shallow shore. as well as swimming in charming, narrow corners, inaccessible to wide catamarans,
  • slight increase in draft at full load, important in shallow waters of very uneven depth, e.g. in rivers,
  • very low slope with uneven distribution of passengers
  • comfortable bathing platform with a folding telescopic ladder

Guaranteed 1000 charge-discharge cycles – about 10 years of failure-free operation !!!

Built-in quick battery charger.
Rigid, transparent booth with integrated 1800 W photovoltaic panels – allows you to swim without time limits and eliminates one of the inconveniences of electric drives, which is the need to charge the battery.

The time of sailing without solar energy at an average speed of about 10 km/h is 6-8 hours – even in the absence of sun or after dusk, we will safely reach the marina.

The price includes a boat with standard equipment and the electric drive described below.
Boats with professional electric propulsion are our passion and we are constantly developing this technology.

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